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Sanduko Y Daga


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The Sanduko and Daga go together as a sword and dagger Filipino weapons system that in well-trained hands allow the martial artist to quickly weave strikes, feints and and deft thrusts in a rapid and flowing manner when these two weapons are used in skilled synchronization. This style of fighting came to the Northern Philippines almost 900 years ago from Indonesian settlers and was adopted by Filipino tribal warriors. Not just a set of weapons, the Sanduko y Daga double as everyday tools with the Sanduko able to clear brush and for larger jobs on the farm and homestead. The smaller dagger is well suited to smaller jobs and finer work.

This Sanduko Y Daga pairing have blades forged from 5160 / D2 high carbon steel which is well tempered and honed to a sharp edge. The bolsters / guards are made from steel and the grips are fashioned from finely carved Philippines hardwood which is polished smooth. They are matched with scabbards of artfully carved wood and embellished with bands of rattan. An antiqued steel clip on their back serves both as a belt loop and a retaining clip which “locks” over the weapon guard to aid in keeping it in the scabbard.

Please Note: It is common for the tropical hardwood used to craft the grip and scabbard of these weapons to develop small cracks as the wood adjusts to our temperate environment. We inspect these items for major cracks and will not send such items to you. We will however send items that may have small, light cracks. These are light cosmetic blemishes and we will not send you an item with a crack that impacts the structural integrity and usefulness of the weapon. These small and light cracks are common to the type of wood used.

By routinely applying a light coating of protective oil you can protect the wood from drying out in your own home.


Overall LengthSword: 25" - Dagger: 21 3/4"
Blade LengthSword: 18 5/8" - Dagger: 7 1/2"
WeightSword: 1 lb 5.7 oz - Dagger: 8.6 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
WidthSword: 32.4 mm - 41.2 mm -- Dagger: 27.8 mm - 28.2 mm
ThicknessSword: 5.6 mm - 3.3 mm -- Dagger: 5.3 mm - 3 mm
P.O.B.Sword: 4 1/4" - Dagger: 1/8"
Grip LengthSword: 3 3/4" - Dagger: 31/4"
Blade [5160/D2 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTraditional Filipino Weapons
Country of OriginPhilippines


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