Unearthed from an 11th Century noblewomans grave, the Suontaka sword was named after the location where it was found; in Suontaka Tyrvt Finland. This replica of the beautiful and artful Viking sword has a blade of tempered 1085 high carbon steel. The guard, pommel and hilt fittings are of metal with an antiqued bronze finish are are richly imbued with Viking knotwork and imagery of coiled serpents and beasts. The grip is of carved wood with inset plates of antiqued bronze finished metal. The tang was peened over the pommel to give it a sturdily fit the sword components to the tang

The sword comes with a scabbard of leather with fittings of metal that match the sword by having an antiqued bronze finish. It has an integrated sword belt of leather with matching metal fittings.

This sword, like many Viking swords has a blade that retains considerable width and mass in the spatulate tip and main striking area beneath it – while this makes a blade that feels heavier than more tapered forms, it does create a blade that cuts and hacks with great force.