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Sutton Hoo Deluxe Helm – 18 Gauge Steel

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This replica of the Sutton Hoo Helmet is crafted from 18 gauge steel and is lavishly embellished with riveted brass detailing and embossed iconographic plates. The original had plates of tinned bronze and its likeness is reproduced on these helmet plates in antiqued aluminum. The interior of the helmet, its faceplate, articulated cheekplates and backplate are lined with quality stitched leather. There is also an integrated leather suspension liner which can be adjusted to modify how high the helmet sits on the head. An adjustable chin strap with an antiqued brass buckle allows it to be firmly secured on the head. Included is a packet of replacement faux gemstones.

One of the most famous of archaeological finds, the kingly Sutton Hoo Helmet is one of the few Anglo Saxon helmets that have weathered almost a millennia and a half of time. Easily one of the most lavish helmets of the Early Medieval Period, the Sutton Hoo helmet was probably buried in a ship grave around 625 AD and is usually attributed to being the helmet of King Rwald of East Anglia.

There is more to the helmet than meets the eye and not just within the intricately crafted panels. A closer look at the brasswork of the faceplate and brow reveal a dragon, and not simply the serpentine heads of a dragon, but the eyebrows, nose and moustache all serve together as the wings, body and tail of the dragon. Thus man and dragon are entwined into one in the imposing and ever-staring visage of this most impressive of helmets.

The original decorative plates were made from tinned bronze and the appearance of that construction is reproduced here with aluminum; some surviving scenes depict warriors dancing with swords and spears, and a cavalryman trampling a mail-clad foe. Faux gemstones reproduce the garnet cloisonne which picked out the eyes and other details in vibrant, light-fetching red.

The helmet today is on display at the British Museum and is one of the highlights of British history on display at the museum amongst the other gleaming artifacts extracted from the barrow of the Saxon King to whom they belonged to. Whether as a display piece or a helmet to be worn on the field by a Saxon champion, this helmet will be an attention-fetching centerpiece of any collection.

Weight6 lb 2.4 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Sutton Hoo Deluxe Helm – 18 Gauge Steel

  1. Jerald (verified owner)

    this is m YouTube channel where I review this helmet speficially and It is a very awesome with it’s design. However it very expensive and about three Red gems broke off and I can’t find them in the box it came in. there is also a bad smell to the interior of the helmet . I don’t know if that’s because of the oil that it is covered in or the leather being old but there’s that. The Nose piece is not connected to the head rigde (that’s the serpent thing with the gem eyes) on the outside but is connect on the inside in a more uncomfortable way. where the interior nose area is there is also the piece of steel holding the face plate to the helmet (meaning that your nose is press up against the metal connector). This Helmet is not bad and it’s Beautiful however it should be looked at before being sold because I do not want to buy something that is very expensive only for it break apart on me. Personally I hope I can a replacement Helmet or at least replacement gems that this website that sells this can provide. KoA can contact me at

    • David Weiss

      Hi Jerald – we will be reaching out shortly.

      For all – the best way to get a hold of us is

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