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Swedish Viking Sword

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This Swedish Viking Sword is purpose-built for steel-on-steel stage and sport combat with its blunt and thick-edged blade. A wide and long fuller groove reduces a great deal of unneeded weight to keep this sword easy to wield without causing excessive strain on the wrist and arm. The grip is long enough to allow even a hand with bulky armored protection a sure and secure grip.

The tempered blade is forged from high carbon steel and it is solidly mounted into the hilt with a peen over the two-part pommel. The hilt itself is steel with a wooden grip which is tightly wrapped in quality leather. The sword is matched with a scabbard of carved wood with a stitched leather over-wrap and a wooden suspension ring which allows it to be slung from your own sword baldric.

Overall Length32 9/16"
Blade Length25 1/2"
Weight2 lb 8.4 oz
Width46.6 mm
Thickness3.8 mm - 4.4 mm
P.O.B.2 3/16"
Grip Length4 1/4"
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassSport Combat
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Swedish Viking Sword

  1. dmarlowe99 (verified owner)

    I received this sword today. The blade is straight and everything seems to be lined up straight. Its a good looking sword and the scabbard is visually appealing and seems well made. This is the first stage combat sword I’ve ordered from Deepeeka, however I’ve ordered other Deepeeka swords and most had quality control issues; perhaps their stage combat swords are made a little better, who knows. The only complaint I have on this sword is that where the cross guard meets the grip, its squared off and juts out a little bit and this makes the grip uncomfortable for your hand. I’m going to have to take a file and some sanding blocks and see if I can round it off and fix this issue. It really should be rounded off and smooth and not have the hard edges which dig into your hand. Other than that I have no complaints and am happy with the sword; the design is pretty cool looking and it seems to be put together well.

  2. Gorgosky

    The sword is amazing. A great gift all around and quality is top notch.
    The sword looks great, often swords in the price range that are good quality are lacking in design but the cuts in the guard and the two part pommel are fantastic. The guard is larger than most on similar dark ages swords which provides for more protection and easier use. The leather wrap around the handle feels great in my hands and is well done. The sword is also a great weight for its length. The leather wraped scabbard is great, perfectly matches the color of the handle.
    I only have two complains, both stemming fround the two part pommel. 1st and foremost, a small streak of dried glue came from the seam between the two parts of the pommel (not hard to remove but is not nice looking). 2nd the pommels shape can hit your hand/wrist, gloves of some kind should be worn if used for sport. This is also a valid design that matches historical swords from this era, we see this type of pommel stop appearing likley for this reason as it can hurt the user or wear down the users leather gloves over time.

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