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Talhoffer Buckler – 16 Gauge Steel

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This unusual buckler is ably illustrated in the Fechtbuch fighting manuals of Hans Talhoffer – a German fencing master of Swabia. His illustrations cover a dizzying array of fighting stances and techniques with practically all the weapons and unarmed combat of the 15th century. This hostile-looking buckler is a weapon unto itself and Talhoffer depicts the buckler being used to punch an opponent, which the highly raised boss accentuates.

This Talhoffer Buckler is made from 16 gauge steel. It has a riveted steel bar grip of twisted steel and the inside of the boss has been blackened. The apex of the bucklers central boss is 5 high. The steel finish has been darkened for an antiqued appearance.

Weight4.5 lb
Dimensions18 1/2'' Tall x 12'' Wide
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

6 reviews for Talhoffer Buckler – 16 Gauge Steel

  1. Mike M.

    Assault buckler! This little beauty is slightly large and heavy for a buckler but it is really more of a small shield/secondary weapon than a true buckler. Sure, sure, it can parry, block and deflect just like a normal buckler but it is also purpose built to hack and stab and bash with. The pointed ridges along the top would make for a nasty surprise if they were caught in the neck, face, or unprotected chest. The highly tapered bottom point can also be used as a brutal attention getter/head cracker. The huge boss and rows of spikes along the front make for quite effective body blows. I find the handle to be a bit thin so I suggest wrapping it yourself for a good grip that wont twist in the hand. I find it also quite beautiful. It’s design is based on a rose motif. The boss is the bud, surrounded by thorns and sitting on a jagged rose leaf. The spikes come blunted (but are still heavy bruisers) and I wish that the boss came to a sharp point like in the manuscripts but I’m very happy with it overall.

  2. Jared

    Good for the price The first thing I noticed about this is how uncomfortable it is to hold without gloves on and I think it’s just due to the shape and size of the handle. It’s a bit heavy but really not too bad. The shape of it is very nice looking although I’m not sure what the spikes would be used for. When I tested it nothing I shot it or stabbed it with got through. Arrows from my 50 pound bow deflected off leaving a couple scratches and when I stabbed it with a sword it went into the shield a little bit leaving a small but noticeable hole. Overall though it’s pretty decent for the price.

  3. William M.

    Well Built, Great for Rapier This is a really great buckler, especially for the price. Solidly constructed without being too heavy and great balance in the hand. With a reverse grip, the long tail of the shield makes a great parrying tool for rapier fighting.

  4. Rob

    Great buckler for the price The weight is a bit up there, but its still effective to use as a buckler, the spikes and fluting serve a defensive purpose to trap thrusts and prevent them from glancing. The ridges along the outside of the buckler also act as a way to prevent sliding when encountering slices and chops.the tail end of the buckler is an extra measure in defense, but also a hooking device. Over all I’m pretty impressed with how solid it feels.

  5. Guy

    Extremely good value for money This product is fantastic, especially for the price. If you’re on the fence here I’d say go for it without a second thought. I do SCA rapier and I’ve fought mostly single sword for 2 years, but I was looking for an off hand to use in melees. I’ve only been playing with this thing for a week of practice and I’m already in love with it. The appearance may intimidate some marshals so you might have to deal with some reluctance based on looks alone, but I’ve fought in two different baronies this week and it passed inspection in both.

    – The shield has a really good weight and balance. It’s not too heavy to move around, but if you make dramatic movements it will tire you out, especially in a melee situation. That being said, I bet you could replace the handle with a wooden/plastic/aluminum one to shave some of that weight off, but I’m not sure how that would affect the overall balance.
    – The boss and the spikes are exactly as effective as you might expect at deflecting blades. I’ve found that if you hold it with the top and bottom pointing to your sides instead of up and down you can get away with some truly ridiculous parries.
    – The aggressive look really does throw some people off, which can give you an edge.

    I found this shield when I was doing a google image search for bucklers 3 years ago and I’ve wanted one ever since. It did not disappoint. (:

  6. Yuexin

    It’s a beautiful piece! Great price for the quality but be aware that it’s mild steel so you have to oil it.

    The weight is on the heavy side and you can really use it to gain your shoulder muscle. I primarily fence with sabre, but by training with this buckler I got much stronger arms.

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