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Thaitsuki Kanshiki Wakisashi


The Kanshiki Wakizashi from Thaitsuki has a Koto style blade which is forged from high carbon steel. In the creation of the blade the steel was skillfully folded by the smith to produce a blade with 1024 layers. The base of the blade is thick for durability and this section has a bo-hi groove to reduce weight – at the termination of the groove the spine of the blade narrows considerably and this form greatly aids in making this Wakizashi lightweight and highly nimble. This reduced thickness on the spine also serves to minimize drag as the sword passes through its target to maintain velocity and power in the strike.

The blade is entirely forged, polished and sharpened by hand for maximum authenticity. The blade was tempered in the traditional clay technique method to give it a hardened cutting edge of 60 HRc and a softer and resilient body of 35 HRc.

Like the blade, the individual components used in the hilt are all entirely hand crafted to fit and match each unique sword. The tsuba is skillfully forged from iron and the habaki, seppa and menuki are top grade silver. The wooden tsuka grip has blackened rayskin which was tightly bound in knotted tsuka ito cord of brown-gold silk.

The wooden saya scabbard is finished with a glossy puce color lacquer – it is difficult to see in the photos but the scabbard color is not black, it is instead a dark purplish-brown hue. Its kojiri and koiguchi are well carved and polished buffalo horn and great care was taken to carve the koiguchi to seamlessly sleeve the wooden scabbard opening. A sageo of matching gold-brown silk completes this sword. Included is a fine quality cloth sword bag and anindividually signed manufacturers production certificate.

Overall Length29''
Blade Length20 3/4''
Weight1 lb 8.2 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width30.4 mm
Thickness5.8 mm - 4.3 mm
P.O.B.3 1/8''
Grip Length7 1/4''
Blade [Folded High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerThaitsuki Nihonto
Country of OriginThailand


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