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Thaitsuki Nihonto

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It all began over 400 years ago with a commanding officer stationed in Thailand, who passed on sword making traditions to the Sivarat family. Today Thaitsuki Swords, owned by the Sivarat family, is recognized across the world for their superior heirloom quality. Each sword is individually produced by highly trained smiths, marked with a serial numbered and packaged with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Thaitsuki Nihonto specializes in melding blades of excellent quality with distinguished and elevated koshirae hilt fittings and a premium saya scabbard. Where other brands will cut corners on the finer points of fit and finish of koshirae and blade polish, Thaitsuki Nihonto follows through to create an exquisitely well crafted sword which has had the attention of a skilled craftsman hand-finishing each step to ensure an excellent fit and finish throughout. From Thaitsuki you can expect to see blades of skillfully forged steel, a superb blade polish, components of higher quality metals, a well-knotted grip wrap, finely lacquered scabbard, high quality samegawa rayskin, and close attention paid to details such as a tight and flush fit between the scabbard opening and its encased koiguchi.

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