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Devil’s Edge – The Boar’s Tusk – Large Bowie Fighting Knife – 420 Stainless

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This large Clip-Point Bowie Knife has a large and sharp blade of 420 stainless steel. The grip is formed from halves of carved and polished wood triple-riveted in brass to the thick blade tang. The bolsters that frame the wooden guard are of brass. The sheath is crafted from thick, stitched leather and is finished with a riveted belt loop and retaining strap.

This large and robust fighting knife is quite intimidating in both its proportions and appearance. It is utilitarian in appearance, though its components are well-fitted and well crafted.

Overall Length16 3/8''
Blade Length11 3/8''
Weight1 lb 4.6 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width41.5 mm - 46.5 mm
Thickness4.3 mm - 3 mm
Grip Length3 1/2'
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
TypeBowie Knife
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

7 reviews for Devil’s Edge – The Boar’s Tusk – Large Bowie Fighting Knife – 420 Stainless

  1. Dave

    Excellent Quality I just received this knife in the mail and it is huge! The pictures don’t do it justice, you really have to hold it to understand. The quality is outstanding, nice thick full tang, beautiful brass and hard wood making up the handle. It also came relatively sharp, more then I anticipated it would be. It has a great price I’d say it’s worth a little more then what you pay. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is it came with some black stuff on the blade and I can’t seem to get it off, all I have right now is some 90% rubbing alcohol and after 10 minutes of scrubbing it with a towel I got most of it off but there is still some crap left on it. All in all its a great knife well worth the price, I’d recommend this to anyone looking to add a serious Bowie knife to their collection.

  2. Scott

    Great quality for the price. Fit and finish for the price is great. Keen edge, had no problem slicing a piece of paper in a push or draw cut. A couple passes with the leather strip and I could shave my arm with it. I paid for a sharpening service on the false edge, KoA did it justice and I am pleased with the edge it took. The blade is heavy but well balanced enough to be quick in the strike (a little slower in the return due to weight). I haven’t used it for work yet, so can’t speak to the ultimate durability of the blade, but expect it to hold up due to the robust design and suspected hardness. The pictures don’t do it justice. Has my recommendation.

  3. Scott

    Follow up review I’ve now used the blade extensively on my farm. It outcuts my gerber machete by far (with far less effort due to balance). The edge geometry is great for splitting wood. I’ve managed to take a few 1.5″ thick limbs down in a single blow while pruning my fruit trees. Maintains an edge well enough. After use I bring out the leather strap and get it shaving sharp before re-oiling for storage. Great bowie, I am very happy with it as a tool or for self defense. Devil’s Edge did a great job when they designed this knife, it’s a heavy duty working blade that could, if necessary, be used for fighting off bears or tweakers. 5 stars.

  4. boxeater5 (verified owner)

    Overally really fast shipping and good quality. There was a little bit of damage on the wood part of the grip and a scratch on the blade. It came plenty sharp so no need to worry about that. All in all it was still worth the price, just a little bummed about the damage so had to take away a star.

  5. MyPanache (verified owner)

    There is a quote about the defining features of Bowie knives “It must be long enough to be a sword, sharp enough to use as a razor, wide enough to use as a paddle, and heavy enough to use as a hatchet.”

    The Boar’s Tusk comes pretty close to this (For the record it is very sharp, but not razor sharp. It could be made razor sharp but then chopping kindling and such would destroy that edge so why bother?) It is a hefty blade but the fit and finish is very good. I didn’t hesitate trying it immediately after opening the box from KoA and splitting a two inch piece of kindling down its length. I then used it on a log to see how it might chop (very well). The edge held up beautifully. I plan on using this as a camp knife and it exceeded my expectations. This is the second Devil’s Edge product I have purchased from KoA (the other was their Bollock Dagger) and I am very impressed with Kult of Athena’s house brand. I would but another Devil’s Edge product without hesitation

  6. Bart Martin

    She took her time getting her, but she was worth the wait. Absolute massive knife and well made as far as I can tell. Bought it for a friend with larger hands than me and I think I nailed it.

  7. Ethan Veillion (verified owner)

    Good knife for the price holds an edge fairly well. Had a few cosmetic issues like a large pit in the wood scales. Would like if it came sharper out of the box

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