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Devil’s Edge – The Sea Reaver – Bone-Grip Seax – 420 Stainless


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This long-bladed seax has a blade of 420 stainless steel. The grip is of highly polished bone with brass plates and a brass pommel cap. The seax has a companion scabbard of stitched, thick leather with belt loops.

    The seax came in a wide range of sizes – many were utility knives with blades as wide as a palm whilst others were long enough that they were practically swords and meant solely for war. This long-bladed seax is clearly intended as a weapon; it is long enough to make it impractical for most utility work, but not so long that it cannot be quickly drawn from its sheath for defense or in the scrum of battle. A seax was often worn horizontally at the waist to facilitate a quick draw.

    The long blade of this seax with its clipped point makes it an excellent thrusting blade; the thick blade spine aids in transmitting the force of the thrust to the point. The blade is also wide enough to be an able slashing and cutting weapon.

    The seax is not only a sidearm for the spear or sword armed warrior, but there are some warriors who were known to prefer the seax. A seax such as this size could be concealed behind a shield to deliver a surprise to the foe, or could be used in tandem with the shield to force a fight to very close quarters to gain advantage against longer weapons.

    Overall Length17 1/16''
    Blade Length12''
    Weight1 lb 2.2 oz
    Width38.8 mm
    Thickness4.8 mm - 3.9 mm
    P.O.B.2 1/8''
    Grip Length4 7/8''
    Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerDevil's Edge
    Country of OriginPakistan

    8 reviews for Devil’s Edge – The Sea Reaver – Bone-Grip Seax – 420 Stainless

    1. Tem H.

      A great buy Considering the (fairly) low price, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. This is a very big seax, and very sturdy. To the extent of my knowledge the brass accents on the grip not historically accurate, but they look quite nice. Given the price, I consider the sheath a bonus. It’s not pretty, and some of the stitching is undone, but it does the job. All in all, this is a sturdy and fairly attractive addition to any Dark Age collection.

    2. Manuel R.

      Cannot be beaten for the money. This is a very functional and quite large seax. The peened pommel makes a huge difference and there was no rattling around or looseness about it even after extensive use. The blade is decently sharp and retained its edge well. Of course, it could always be made sharper should it be desired. The sheath was a nice bonus and while it won’t win any awards for beauty, it is functional enough. The stitching in mine was fully in place. While this may not be historically accurate, it is a very nice piece both to use and look at. You simply cannot go wrong with this piece for the price.

    3. Paul/viking/Alaska

      Incredible…! I can not believe the high quality of this blade. It is incredible. Made of heavy quality steel. Probably 3/16+ inches thick, full tang, quality horn grip. Sharpe…? YES, holds an edge and stays sharp. Hard to believe that a blade this thick can be sharp enough to shave with. Then there’s the price. When I ordered it I had low expectations since it was way under $100. But take the knife with the great quality sheath: that equals an amazing deal. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. Wish I could find an excuse to buy more of these….! Thanks…!

    4. Tem H.

      An Update I recently decided to rehilt this seax in a more historically accurate way, i.e. a plain wood one-piece handle glued to the tang. While dismantling the old hilt I noticed a few things – firstly, the hilt is not peened, it is threaded and glued and secondly that the tang is welded to the blade, not a continuous piece (though this looks fairly strong. Neither of these things bother me overly, since I’m just glueing it into a new handle, but I feel that buyers should be aware of this.

    5. Shawn G.

      Amazing blade for an amazing price I had wanted to buy this for a while now and I finally decided to go ahead and purchase it. First of all it arrived 3 or 4 days after ordering. Fantastic shipping! The seax is beautiful. Beautiful bone grip and the blade is fantastic. I have no problems with the sheath, the leather is heavyweight and stitched together well. All in all a fantastic buy. Thanks, Kult of Athena for another solid experience.

    6. Josh G.

      Good enough for decorative and costume. I’ve had mine for while, and it served it’s purpose well as part of my viking costume. At some point though, the leather of the sheath started to separate from the foam spacer, causing the seax to fall out unless I stuff the sheath. I also recently tried a few cutting tests, and it cut through gallons of water and melons pretty easily. But when I tested it against a small branch, the blade rotated out of alignment with the handle. I think it was a bad decision to make the tang completely circular, as having it rectangular would have prevented this problem. I was able to push it mostly back in alignment, and I’ll continue to us it only as a costume piece.

    7. Jonathan D Reynolds

      Blade grind was way too thick and chunky, edge had to be completely reprofiled to be sharpened.
      Bone handle was cracked for the entire length.
      Sheath doesn’t have enough tension to retain the knife.
      All in all, would have been a fine piece if i had bought a munitions or blemished item, not for standard grade.

    8. Gabriel Stufflebean

      I got this as an anniversary gift 2 years ago, and it’s still holding up. If it really is 420 stainless, I sure can’t tell, as it sharpens and chops like carbon. The hilt is attractive, and the blade is stout. Whether for hard use, or display, if you’re considering getting one, do it. You won’t regret it.

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