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Tinker Pearce Custom – Diamond Pommel Arming Sword with Wood Scabbard

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This Arming Sword is a custom creation by Michael Tinker Pearce; the blade is crafted from 5160 high carbon spring steel which is finished with a Marquenched and tempered hardness of HRc 52. Lenticular in its cross section, this arming sword has a two-third length fuller to reduce weight and give it an excellent handling characteristics.

The crossguard and pommel are fashioned from mild steel and the hardwood grip is wrapped in tight linen cord and finished with an overlaid binding of brown leather. The hilt is securely mounted with the blade with a permanent recessed cylindrical nut assembly in the pommel.

This arming sword is created in the style of swords of the 12th-early 14th C. Large enough for battle, but small enough to be used as a Riding Sword. This sword should be an excellent cutter. – Michael Tinker Pearce

Overall Length35 3/4''
Blade Length29 3/16''
Weight2 lb 3.3 oz
Width39.8 mm
Thickness4.9 mm - 2.3 mm
P.O.B.3 1/4''
Grip Length4 1/4''
TypeArming Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTinker Pearce
Country of OriginUSA


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