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Tinker Pearce Custom – Fantasy Longsword with Wood Scabbard

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This unique fantasy longsword is no mere costume prop, but a very functional and capable elongated leaf-blade longsword; crafted by Michael Tinker Pearce, the blade is 5160 high carbon steel with an overall marquenched 52 HRc hardness. The crescent guard and matching pommel are brass and the hardwood grip is bound in brown leather. The pommel is secured with a counter-sunk stainless steel Allen nut. The sword is paired with a companion scabbard of wood with a carnauba wax finish and brass furniture.

Please Note: The blade is slightly bent in the tip region

Though an elegant longsword in its own right, this sword is a lively performer and is quite dextrous. A capable cutter, its half-diamond cross section and stiffened blade lend itself quite well to thrusting techniques to puncture the defense of the foe.

Overall Length46 9/16''
Blade Length34 3/4''
Weight2 lb 12.8 oz
Width48.1 mm
Thickness6.3 mm - 2.7 mm
P.O.B.3 1/2''
Grip Length8 3/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTinker Pearce
Country of OriginUSA


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