This Huntsmans Knife is a custom creation by Michael Tinker Pearce; it has a blade of 5160 high carbon steel with a slight convex cross section to reinforce the blade and its edge. The false edge is not sharpened but it is considerably thinned so as to reduce drag when cutting and piercing.

The blade is anchored into a composite hilt of polished wood and acrylic-hardened stacked leather. The grip is well formed and contoured to fit quite comfortably in the hand and it has a tapered notch which neatly seats the forefinger. At the back of the handle a tab of hardened stacked leather has been neatly inset into the wooden grip and polished flush and smooth with the wood. The guard plate is brass and the blade was reinforced at the plate with brazing.

Included is a handcrafted sheath of riveted and stitched leather complete with a belt loop tab and a buttoned retaining strap.