Regal and commanding, this Riding Sword is a fitting sword for everyday wear for a knight or noble. A custom creation by Michael Tinker Pearce, the blade is 5160 high carbon steel with a final marquenched / tempered hardness of 53 HRc. For added durability the blade shoulder and tang were softened to 45 – 48 HRc to give the base of the blade and the hilt excellent resistance to shock and vibration. The diamond cross section blade itself is quite rigid and stiff – ideal for ensuring the full power potential of a thrust is delivered to the target. The overall blade has a convex distal taper which increases toward the tip. The edge bevels are slightly convex ground to an appleseed edge.

The crossguard is hand sculpted from solid brass and the pommel is also of brass. The pommel is keyed over the tang and the blade tang is seated and secured into the hilt with a permanent nut assembly. The grip is polished Bocote wood surmounted by brass ferrules. Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard.

Easily worn for everyday riding and wear, this sword is very nimble and easy to point. The strongly tapered and stiff blade makes it eminently suitable for delivering a decisive thrust, but it is also a capable cutter as well. A skilled swordsman can use the guard offensively; a quick turn of the wrist in a bind can trap or slow a foes blade with applied friction, opening them up for a decisive finishing action.