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Tod Cutler – 14th Century Bronze Hilted Rondel Dagger


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This stunning 14th Century bronze hilted medieval rondel dagger is based on a museum example; the hilt is cast fine bronze and is fitted to a very strong and stiff single edged blade of tempered high carbon steel. Suitable for a knight or man at arms, this dagger is not only suitably fashionable for a personage of status, but its long and rigid blade is quite deadly and well capable of powerful, penetrative thrusts through thick clothing or the weakpoints of an armored harness. The single edge blade allows for it to have a very thick spine which imparts excellent rigidity to the blade, ensuring no loss of energy and power in the strike.

    The dagger is paired with a high quality sheath of vegetable tanned leather which is completed with a detailed cast bronze chape.



    Overall Length17 3/8"
    Blade Length12 3/4"
    Weight1 lb 3 oz
    Width9.2 mm - 3.7 mm
    Grip Length4 3/8"
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerTod Cutler
    Country of OriginUK

    1 review for Tod Cutler – 14th Century Bronze Hilted Rondel Dagger

    1. drbobo3 (verified owner)

      Truly a work of art, both in design and execution. I have plenty of swords, daggers, and other sharp pointy things but this one easily stands out as one of my favorites. The blade slides out of the sheath like butter and it’s a pleasure to handle. The blade and grip are pretty narrow which makes the almost 13″ blade seem much longer than it is. The edge on mine is perfect but not “sharp” considering its meant for thrusting, not slashing. Quite fearsome really as it would easily go though almost any target with little effort.

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