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Tod Cutler – 15th Century Mid-Status Bollock Dagger


Battle Ready
(2 customer reviews)
Battle Ready

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    This 15th Century Bollock Dagger has a level of embellishment typical to what a knight, professional man-at-arms or merchant could afford to purchase from a cutler and is a well-crafted and practical dagger with the additional styling befitting the status of a person in the middling strata of medieval society. The unsharpened blade is forged from EN45 high carbon steel and its diamond cross section gives this long dagger substantial rigidity to ensure it can puncture a target with notable efficiency. The bolster and pommel cap are brass and the grip is well-carved and polished wood. The blade tang is peened over the wide pommel cap and this wide pommel cap serves a two-fold purpose; it not only prevents the dagger from slipping past the palm, but it also serves as a surface which can be palmed and pushed by the second hand when driving the dagger deeply through thick cloth or into the weak points of an armored defense.

    The dagger is accompanied with a leather sheath with a dual-layered sheath of dyed vegetable tanned leather complete with a brass cap and an integrated leather cord with which to secure it to a belt. It can be dyed to a selection of colors for an additional fee or you can opt to have it left undyed for no additional fee.

    Please Note – the last photo displays some of the colors available for the sheath – only the color chosen is included in your order.

    Overall Length16 3/4"
    Blade Length12"
    Weight8.8 oz
    Width23.8 mm
    Thickness5.6 mm - 3.3 mm
    P.O.B.1 1/2"
    Grip Length3 1/4"
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerTod Cutler
    Country of OriginUK

    2 reviews for Tod Cutler – 15th Century Mid-Status Bollock Dagger

    1. Jeffrey Deatherage (verified owner)

      Received my order a couple days ago, sooner than expected. I love this dagger. I wear size “L” gloves, but my hands aren’t overly large, n I was worried about the handle shape. The logic of it manifests soon as ya hold it- it’s EASY to index, n isn’t going anywhere. Very impressed. Quality is great- handmade, yes, but well-made, too. Buying a “not finished” dagger was also “iffy” in my mind, but w/some shoe-polish & mink oil the sheath is finished. Now- haven’t decided what to do about the edge. When Todd says “butter knife edge”, he means it. Might wanna consider the Kults’ sharpening service (my plan is now to hit the wife for a Work Sharp sharpener. Timings everything- I’d feel awful dumb getting murdered w/my new toy! Heh! Wish me luck….). This was my second order from these guys, n I have zero complaints. 5 well earned stars for both Cutler & Kult of Athena. Already browsing for another order, all I need is a winning lottery ticket.

    2. Marcus (verified owner)

      Bad experience with the blade I received there are a lot of scratch marks on both sides the tip came roiled of your on one side the worst are the deed dents on the blade near the tip. seams like a used blade not happy

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