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Tod Cutler – 16th Century Mary Rose Bollock Dagger

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Dyeing the sheath adds approximately 14 days to order fulfillment time (Note: If sharpening is also ordered than total time is approx. 14 days)

Additional information

This classically styled Bollock Dagger is based on historical examples found with the wreck of the 16th century Tudor warship Mary Rose. These bollock daggers were utilitarian in form but quality-crafted to be a reliable sidearm for the English soldiers who paid for them. This example has a large blade with a thick and stout blade spine to give it great durability and rigidity. The wedge-shaped cross section slopes to a single edge to give it capable cutting ability in addition to its excellent ability at puncturing through thick cloth and the weaker points of an armored defense. The handle is hexagonal in form for a sure grip and the carved bollocks of the grip serve as brace for the thumb for better control and stability.

The blade of this replica is made from EN45 high carbon steel. The grip is well-carved from wood and the guard plate is fashioned from brass. The blade is anchored into the hilt with a nut and peen over the pommel. Included is a double-layered sheath of high quality vegetable-tanned leather which is embellished with stamped design and finished with a brass chape and two leather cords for tying onto your belt. A variety of colors are available in addition to a plain natural leather option which is ideal for dying your own preferred color or simply darkening with oil for a natural finish.

Overall Length17 7/16"
Blade Length12 9/16"
Weight10.7 oz
Width26.6 mm
Thickness8.3 mm - 4.6 mm
PommelNut and Peen
P.O.B.2  13/16"
Grip Length3  3/16"
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTod Cutler
Country of OriginUK

2 reviews for Tod Cutler – 16th Century Mary Rose Bollock Dagger

  1. maciakl (verified owner)

    Fantastic little dagger, that with very unique look. A great conversation starter too. Very pleased with the purchase. Solid construction and high quality fit and finish despite the low price. Some of the pictures here make the blade seem like it’s double sided, but it’s not. The back edge is flat and quite thick near the pommel, but it tapers off down to a thin wedge at the point. This rondel like geometry makes me think it would be very good at punching through mail, though I haven’t tested this theory with actual armor. The test thrusts I did into a cardboard box leave no doubt that if pushed far enough, this blade would leave an absolutely nasty, wide triangular wound.

    The one thing of note is the distinctive, round Todd Cutter mark which is very prominent on the blade. Personally, I don’t mind it, and find it quite neat, but it might bother some.

    Scabbard is top notch. I chose the option to have it dyed red, and it looks fantastic. The leather is thick and hard, and I have seen much, much worse on low end daggers. My only complaint is that it is a bit loose. If you turn it upside down there is a good chance the dagger will slide out by itself which is not ideal. The fit there could be tighter. Having a belt loop on the scabbard would be nice too, but I guess the tie-down straps make it more period authentic.

  2. Bro (verified owner)

    Pretty nice overall. In fact, I love sending unsolicited photos of my bollock dagger to unsuspecting males and females alike, because it’s just that good.

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