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Training Longsword


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    This training longsword is crafted entirely from robust and durable polypropylene and will stand up to much use and impact in training and sparring.

    Overall Length40 1/2''
    Blade Length29 5/8''
    Weight1 lb 10 oz
    Width50.4 mm
    Thickness19.6 mm - 11.7 mm
    Grip Length8 1/2''
    Blade [Polypropylene]
    Country of OriginTaiwan

    4 reviews for Training Longsword

    1. Clint R.

      The meaning of ‘training sword’? Order a training sword and it exploded ten seconds after using it. I contacted Athena and they informed me that it broke because I was using it wrong and they might send me a new hilt if I agree that I was the reason it broke. Terrible customer service response, I’m still dumbfounded by it. I never took the hilt as it would do nothing for me because the hilt launched across the yard after the cheap support that hold it in place shattered in several pieces. I’m not certain what the definition of ‘training sword’ is, but this experience did sharpen my eye when it comes to purchasing a ‘training sword’. When I explained how awful the customer service was to Athena, they did apologize and offer a new hilt without insulting me, and that is why I’m giving it 2 stars and not 1. This company has awesome reviews everywhere I looked and that’s why I went with them. I must have caught them at a bad time…

    2. Corey

      My review is That this is a grate buy I like that the guard comes off and it works well with and without the guard it’s got a good weight to it and it grate for soaring I recommend it

    3. Orion

      Good Cheap Starter Working at a minimum wage job and want to get into learning European martial arts? This is the sword to start with. Compared to near all other training swords, this sucks, but this is the sword I have learned longsword with. It should be noted that this is more the size of a Hand and a Half sword. Most longsword wasters I’ve seen are about 10 inches longer. I now have my hands on a Rawlings Synthetic Sword, so if you’re better off financially then go get that. It’ll probably bend a lot due to the material it is made out of, but it is easy to bend back into shape.

    4. Chris

      Seem decent I ordered two and they seem decent enough, but they both have a noticeable bend in the “blade” setting the flat of the blade on a flat surface, there is over an inch of clearance along a large portion of the blade.

      i doubt it will really matter, but a bit annoying. still they were cheap and are (hopefully) more durable than random sticks found in our woods.

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