Valiant Armoury’s Austrian War Sword is a powerful and agile late Medieval sword; hailing from Valiant’s Craftsman Series it is entirely made in the USA. Its broad and powerfully proportioned blade will deliver decisively vicious cuts and its tapered tip profile gives it surprisingly capable thrusting ability as well.

The sharpened blade is 6150 high carbon steel with an overall tempered hardness of 52 HRc. The steel was twice-normalized to improve its internal grain structure and to optimize heat treatment. Its edges are finished with resilient appleseed edge geometry to give the edge more resistance to damage. The crossguard and pommel are crafted from mild steel and the well-carved hardwood grip is tightly wrapped in quality leather. The blade is hot-peened to the hilt for a robust and secure sword assembly.

The sword comes with a premium quality wood-core scabbard which is wrapped in a tight binding of high quality leather. Its fittings are of steel and the sword belt hangers have buckles of metal with steel tongues. The sword comes with a sword belt of durable leather with a matching adjustable buckle