This is the 2nd iteration of the Crusader sword by Zach and Sonny Suttles of Valiant Armoury’s Craftsman Series of premium swords which are made entirely in the USA. The MK II has a redesigned pommel and changes to the weight and cross section of the guard. The blade is precision-crafted from 5160 high carbon steel with a final tempered hardness of 52 HRc in a state of the art tempering oven. Valiant normalized the blade steel prior to heat treat to refine the grain structure of the steel to produce a more uniform distribution of carbon content throughout the blade. After tempering Valiant checked the blade for cracks and inclusions and then the blades were hand finished and sharpened with an durable apple-seed cutting edge to finish the blade.

The crossguard and pommel are of steel and the grip is made from steel and the grip is hardwood which is tightly wrapped in quality top-grain black leather. The blade tang is hot-peened over the pommel for a robust hilt assembly. The wood-core scabbard is bound in matching leather and fitted with a protective stainless steel chape and an integrated and interwoven sword belt of thick dark blue leather which can be adjusted to fit with an antiqued metal buckle reinforced with a steel tongue. The MK II sword features a hand-sewn rain flap at the scabbard throat for a fine finishing touch.