This English Knightly Sword by Valiant Armoury is superbly balanced and highly responsive and is surprisingly easy to wield one-handed for its size, though it truly excels in its intended two-handed application. It is from Valiant Armoury’s premium Craftsman Series line of swords which are entirely made in the USA by Zach and Sonny Suttles. The well-tempered blade is crafted from 6150 high carbon steel and its form lends itself well to both cutting and thrusting. The blade is mounted into the hilt with a durable and highly dependable hot-peen construction. The crossguard and pommel are steel and the wooden grip is overlaid in tightly-bound dark blue leather.

The sword is matched with a scabbard and sword belt to create a complete premium package; the scabbard is wood which has been expertly wrapped in form-fitted blue leather. The chape is stainless steel and the banding is steel. The belt is leather and included is a seperate sword frog which attaches to both the belt and the integrated buckles on the scabbard to both fit the scabbard onto the sword belt and adjust its height and angle to the bearer.