The Regal is a premium quality longsword and scabbard set which is crafted by Valiant Armoury and made entirely in the USA. This cut-and-thrust longsword manages to have a fine balance and is able to point and pivot easily without feeling too light or lacking authority and power in the strike. The diamond cross-section stiffens the blade for thrusting and piercing and its main cutting portion is well-capable to delivering powerful cuts. Well-honed appleseed edge geometry ensure that the blade edge is sharp, durable and damage-resistant.

The crossguard and pommel are steel and the blade tang is solidly anchored into the tang with a hot-peened construction over the pommel. The grip is hardwood which is tightly wrapped in quality leather. Included with the sword is a scabbard of wood which is bound in high quality leather with embossed embellishment, metal fittings and an integrated sword belt.