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Viking Nasal Helm – 14 Gauge Steel

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Contrary to popular depiction, Vikings did not adorn their helmets with horns. Their helms were usually variations of the conical nasal helm – a near universal helm design in early Medieval Europe. Simple and effective, this helm gives good protection for the skull and the nasal bar protects the face from cuts without restricting visibility. Only one helm has survived that can be definitively attributed to a Viking, and it was found within a burial mound in Gjermundbu Norway. This replica is loosely based on that helm and has added stylized eyebrows and animal heads (probably reindeer) at the base of the crown. The nasal bar is quite thick.

Made of riveted high carbon steel, this helm is lined with black leather and padded at the base. The back of the nasal bar is also well-padded for safety and comfort It has an integrated black leather chin strap.

Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeNasal Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Viking Nasal Helm – 14 Gauge Steel

  1. Wangsness

    Nasal helment The description and photos are very accurate is the presentation of this very beautiful and functional helment. The helment is a heavy piece, and what appears to be well crafted. I am not going to voleenteer for any blows to the head, but I am very confident that I would be be looking dapper if the occasion ever arises.

  2. roy hawthorne

    Solid helmet Used this one for a few years in full contact HEMA and still haven’t a dent to show for it. Heavy and takes some getting use to but it’s saved my head from cases where some 18 gauge helmet would’ve collapsed. The inside’s rather large (even for my big head) however and you want to wear an arming cap underneath to pad it out.

  3. Celtic Templar (verified owner)

    Perfect Helmet, would highly recommend this Helm for any type of Viking/Saxon reenactments, or even any Late Dark Age area reenactment, and even early Crusades. The Helm is strong and sturdy enough to take a heavy blow, and looks great while wearing a mail coif. For the Strong 14 gauge steel keeps the head from being injured by a oncoming weapon.

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