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Viking Tunic – Natural

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This Viking tunic is crafted from natural colored cotton; the collar and sleeves are embellished with stitched embroidered trim. Not just a Viking tunic, this utilitarian garment will fit in well with many cultures of the early Medieval period.

Please Note: Trim color and design may vary
Please Note: The axe, belt and pants are not included and are shown in photo for display purposes only.

Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Viking Tunic – Natural

  1. Land W.

    A suitable reproduction This tunic can be uncomfortably coarse at times, so I suggest wearing a thin shirt underneath. In colder climates, something a little thicker for warmth wouldn’t go amiss. Faux fur could pair nicely with the Euro-Scandinavian theme and keep you warm at the same time. Goes well with Norman piece-meal armor, too. Got a viking helm? Sure. A mail coif? Throw it on. sleeveless Gambeson? Go for it.

    I’m satisfied with this tunic. It breathes enough to keep cool in my Texan hometown where the ren-faire is in MAY and JUNE of all months. This particular color goes nice with a heather green cloak and some brown breeches. Other color combinations to keep in mind are blue, black, red, and white. Emerald and sea-green or orange and salmon would also be interesting combinations!

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