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Vision – The Milan Sword – Collaboratively Crafted by Angus Trim and Valiant Armoury


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Battle Ready

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    The Valiant Armoury X Angus Trim Vision Line is a collaborative effort between famed swordmakers Angus Trim and Valiant Armoury. Models will be released in limited batches. After a production run, the model will not be available again for another 12 to 24 months.

    Vision creates premium, entirely made in the USA swords that meld Trim’s magnificently optimized performance blades with the hilt design, robust construction and superior leatherwork that is the hallmark of Sonny and Zach Suttles at Valiant Armoury. The final product preserves the ideal blade harmonics and balance needed for each sword to perform to its fullest potential and is a heirloom-tier sword.

    The blade of the Milan arming sword is well suited to powerful and decisive cutting and is crafted from 5160 high carbon steel with a spring-tempered hardness of 51-53 HRc. The hot-peen construction that melds the blade and hilt together at the pommel gives this sword a very strong and lasting hilt construction. The crossguard and pommel are crafted from steel with an antiqued finish and the grip is carved from Poplar and tightly bound in leather to complete the sword.


    Overall Length36 1/8
    Blade Length29 9/16
    Weight2 lbs 4 oz
    EdgeVery Sharp
    Width54 mm
    Thickness5.4 mm - 1.6 mm
    P.O.B.4 1/2"
    Grip Length4 3/8"
    Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
    Country of OriginUSA

    5 reviews for Vision – The Milan Sword – Collaboratively Crafted by Angus Trim and Valiant Armoury

    1. Chris

      My cat sleeps with it and I like playing with it so 10/10 in my book. Also that balance and toughness 😘😘😘

    2. Christian

      I actually got mine on the valiant website before it was unavailable and mine is purple. This thing rocks! seriously tough and sharp!!! I’ve banged it on a bunch of wood and unfortunately my fence but it takes a major beating and still cuts 🗡👹😈

    3. Marc B.

      Have owned mine for a while now. Only have 2 problems with this purchase. Thought it would be fair, honest and a more accurate review if I’d wait to leave this until after owning and experiencing the sword for a while. That being said: I call this sword “My hideously beautiful sword!” :-) I don’t like the pommel, I’m not necessarily fond of the guard and the (What I think is an Oakeshott Type XIV) “slightly leaf-like looking” blade is almost roman gladius like in feeling while handling it. BUT….I love them all together!! When I first saw the sword, it disgusted me…but then I looked again and again…. Turns out love ISN’T always at first sight.
      As far as fit and finish…top notch fit. Everything is tight, aligned, straight, etc. Handles like a dream. If a bastard sword is a sedan, and a claymore is a semi, this sword is a sports car!! Light, perfect balance, indexing is phenomenal. It’s clearly a machined blade, not hammer forged. Wasn’t expecting it to be so…so I’m not disappointed at all. Very simple and clean design. Very neat and evenly executed double fullers. Hard to see in the photos, but the blade is not lenticular, it’s combined. Hear me’s fullered/lenticular/hexagonal. When holding out the weapon extended forward, just below the fullers you can clearly see the hexagonal shape. Sounds odd but it’s there. I find it pretty cool looking. Now….The blade itself did come oiled and wrapped but upon unwrapping and cleaning I noticed staining on the flats where, I assume, there was excess oil in some of the ripples in the plastic and there must have been dirt or something in the oil. Needless to say, the stains are still present. I’ll have to have the sword taken apart and cleaned professionally. That’s my biggest, and only, problem with the sword. I know…I said 2…my second problem is with the purchase and has nothing to do with the item.
      All in all…if you can purchase this sword…do it!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed with it. Fun to wield. Beautifully hideous….Hideously Beautiful!!! And it’s not as cumbersome to wear (If you purchase the scabbard for +$500) and move around as a long sword where it sort of gets in the way especially when trying to navigate crowds or operate stairs…lol!! ;-)
      That’s my 2 cents…Keep on KOAin’ people.

    4. Marc B.

      Awesome Sword!!

    5. Marc B.

      Beautiful Craftsmanship!! Fast shipment!

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