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War Scythe

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Many medieval weapons had their origins as agricultural tools, and the War Scythe is no exception. The bulk of many medieval armies were made up of farmers pressed into service armed with whatever they could bring to the field. Many of these poorly trained and poorly armed troops had no choice but to come to war armed with pitchforks and scythes. However, pole weapons such as these played an important role in holding enemy cavalry at bay, and military versions of some of these tools were soon developed.
The War Scythe features an unsharpened carbon steel head affixed to a hardwood shaft.

4 reviews for War Scythe

  1. Mr. P.

    Excellent weapon. I have used this weapon for about 3 years performing live steel combat demonstrations at ren faires throughout a good portion of the Midwest. Even through non choreographed, full contact sparring the war scythe has held up very well. The reason for the 4 star rating is for 2 things. 1, if you are going to be using it for sparring I highly recommend that you grind down the point before taking the scythe onto the field. 2, the blade has a tendency to bend. It can be bent back with relative ease however, this is a reoccurring problem with the blade. Keeping these things in mind, this war scythe is still a very good weapon.

  2. The Grey Forest

    I train with and collect spears and this was a Unique and beautiful weapon: arrived well packaged and in good condition: I had an issue with the pole being a whopping 1.75″ thick, which is far too wide and heavy for any spear. The blade is on the inner curve and the head was well attached w./ a type of epoxy and securing mounting screw hole – had to remove and replace onto a shorter staff and fits perfectly onto a tapered 1.25″ pole. Redecorated, it is now an exotic Dark Elven spear. Would suggest that there be an option to not have the staff included – which would cut down on the price, rework, and shipping costs.

  3. Nathan Johnson

    Very fun to use

  4. Attila Szajko

    I’m unable to say anything wrong about it. Heavy (massive is a better word), made durable. I’d bought it as an example of the original war scyte (I’ve a very later one, 175+ years old piece (family piece (Hungarian Revolution of 1848…failed)) – very fragile, only for display, but razor sharp to this day) to fauchard/glaive evolution. I love it.

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