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Modular Sword Scabbard - Suede Leather - For Swords Blades up to 31'' in Length - SHE660231

Modular Sword Scabbard - Suede Leather - For Swords Blades up to 31

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This modular sword scabbard can be used for both right and left handed swordsmen in all its different configurations and is made from suede leather with stitched construction and will fit many swords with blades that are up to 31 in length. The buckles on both the scabbard and the straps are crafted from durable antique-finished steel. This scabbard is a good way to get an easy and affordable scabbard for swords which do not come with scabbards or for sword scabbards which can not be worn in the way you desire. Sizing info is below.

The scabbard can be modified to be worn in a variety of configurations with its system of separate straps and buckles. By utilizing some or all of the buckled mounting points on the scabbard a variety of wearing configurations can be achieved. These include:
1. Wearing the sword at an angle on the hip by using half the straps to create a sword belt
2. Wearing the sword at an angle on the back
3.Wearing the sword vertically on the back. For this configuration three different attachment methods can be used. The straps can be made to criss cross across the chest or they can be made to go horizontally around the chest and waist (not pictured). They can also be arranged to function as standard backpack style straps.
4. There is also a simple belt loop on the reverse of the scabbard which allows for the scabbard to slide onto a leather belt to hang vertically.

Please Note: These scabbards work best with swords that have a tapered profile shape which closely matches the scabbard. Perfectly straight blades may work if they are thin enough in width. Please be aware that not all swords of proper length may fit well if they have a blade shape too far outside the profile of the scabbard. Also, because these scabbards are designed to fit a large variety of swords they may not have a tight fit with your particular sword even if it fits into the scabbard.

The wearing method of having the sword over your back at an angle may not work well depending on the weight and balance of your sword. Hilt heavy blades will have a tendency to drag down the shoulder and you may find that you need to modify this configuration with your own additional supporting straps for optimum fit and security.

We do not recommend using leather scabbards for long term storage of your sword blades as leather has a tendency to collect moisture which will accelerate the rusting of your blade when extended contact is made with damp leather. Wooden scabbards are a better storage solution.

Please Note: Sword is not included and is shown in photos soley for demonstration purposes only.
Will fit blades up to 31'' in length
Width of Blade Slot at Opening: 2''
Straps extend to appx. 44'' max circumference - you may need to make your own straps if greater circumference is required,

Overall Length: 32''

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