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Russian Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Saber - USS138

Russian Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Saber

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Overall Length: 41'' Blade: 34 3/4''
Retail Price:$346.50
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Blade: EN9 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 3 lb 6.3 oz
Edge:  Unsharpened
P.O.B.: 6 1/8''
Thickness: 5.7 mm - 4.5 mm
Width: 32.2 mm
Grip Length: 4 5/8''
Pommel: Peened

‘’The Russian Cavalry was fine and commanding...The heavy cavalry are undoubtedly very fine; the men gigantic, the horses good, the equipment superior and in perfect condition.’’ - General Sir Charles Stewart

Outfitted in shining steel breastplates and helms and mounted atop the largest warhorses and wielding magnificent swords, the Cuirassiers regarded themselves as the knights of their day. Few disagreed. They universally disdained gunpowder weapons and lived for the grand charge at their opponents at a battle’s climax, washing away their foes with a wave of flashing steel and muscled horse.

Few things were more terrifying for the Napoleonic infantryman than to face the charge of the elite Cuirassier. He would only get one shot and there would be no time to reload for another gambit. His bayonet stuck atop his cumbersome rifle would endear little confidence against the sun-glinted steel and regal brass kicking up earth before him. When the Cuirassier thundered through his ranks in two waves, men were shorn like scythed wheat from their swarming swords and threshed as grain from the stalk by heavy-shod iron hooves.

In an era where sulfurous clouds of gunpowder dominated the field, very few troops still wore armor - The Cuirassiers were almost unique in this regard and this made them instantly recognizable. Though thick, the breastplate was no sure saviour against the musket or rifle, but it could deflect or ricochet some long-range shot. It did offer good protection from pistol shot at all but the direst of ranges and gave excellent protection from swords and bayonets. This gave the Cuirassier a distinct edge against any of their foes in bladed combats. The reassurance gained from a layer of armored protection gave the already impetuous Cuirassier that extra bit of confidence to dig in his spurs and goad his horse onward and heedlessly into the fray.

The Cuirassier of any nation preferred long straight swords with a thick spine - these blades were held out, as if they were lances to skewer their foe in the charge. Even at slower speeds, the combined momentum, weight and force of rider and horse could fatally kill just by holding the blade out and connecting with foe. Needless to say, these blades were also brutal deadly when slashed from on-high.

The Cuirassier sword replicated here of the Russian Cuirassiers. It has a long, double-edged blade with a distinct thrusting tip, ideal for the combat creed of the Cuirassier. The Russian Cuirassier were well respected in their day, and made an especially good showing of themselves at Borodino, where they gave fierce combat through repeated, pressuring charges against Napoleon’s troops. Though Napoleon won the field, a solid third of his army was broken by the Tsar at Borodino - a Pyrric victory deep in Russian territory where men and horses were irreplaceable.

This replica Russian Cuirassier sword has a blade of unsharpened, tempered high carbon steel. It has an Imperial monogram engraved on an a single side. It has an elaborate hilt of brass surmounted by an Imperial Eagle head and a grip wrapped in tight black leather, overlaid with twisted wire of brass. The scabbard is of leather with brass accents and two brass hanging rings.

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