The largest collection of swords, weapons and more from the Bronze Age to World War II

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For over 37 years Arms & Armor has been crafting some of the finest replicas of Medieval and Renaissance weaponry available from their Minnesota based workshop. Well tempered quality steel, superior craftsmanship, and attentive care to reproduce weapons with original weights, balance and handling characteristics are all a standard of Arms & Armor products.

The designs of Arms & Armor swords and weaponry is informed from study and analyzation of historical originals from museum collections. Arms & Armor is also closely partnered with the Oakeshott Institute. The institute not only furthers scholarship and research on medieval weaponry and armor, but also serve as the caretakers for Oakeshott’s personal and substantial collection of antique Medieval arms and armor. This access to historical originals refines the designs, accuracy and quality of reproductions created by Arms & Armor.

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