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Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    The slim leaf shaped javelin was probably the most common weapon of the classical ancient arsenal and can be identified in many periods of history. This example is based on an original from the northern Mediterranean region. It may well have been carried by Greek Peltasts, an infantry skirmisher, who was armed with several javelins of this form. They would have been used in mass to weaken and break the lines of the enemy Hoplite formations. They were often used with a cord lanyard throwing loop, or amentum in Latin, to increase accuracy.
    In fact, at the battle of Lechaeum, the Athenians repeatedly hurled hit-and-run attacks against a Spartan formation. These Spartan Hoplites had no missile defenses of their own and were eventually routed by the javelin attacks. This is often seen as the first occurrence of lighter infantry troops beating the formidable Hoplite in Greek history. Infantry development continued with the appearance of the Thureophoroi and Thorakites who gradually replaced the Peltasts, but these soldiers continued to carry javelins in addition to a longer thrusting spear and a short sword.
    The leaf shaped javelin head is found in other cultures as well, examples have been found in Norse, Welsh, Near Eastern, Iberian and North African as well as Roman contexts.
    The Arms & Armor Greek Javelin has a cast tool steel head with an integral socket and has a flattened diamond cross-section. It is mounted on a 3/4 wooden haft with a rivet through the socket. The weapon is approximately 50 inches long and comes with a sharp point.

    Please Note: The wood haft may be slightly warped. This is normal for this item

    6 reviews for Arms & Armor Greek Javelin

    1. Patrick V.

      Potent weapon Well made solid javelin that can double as a light spear. Coupled with an amentum this javelin achieves great accuracy, range and deep penetration.

    2. Travis

      Looks nice but could be better. Not the greatest steel. Bent the first time i tossed it into a piece of wood. Was able to straighten it out with a few gental wacks but I thought it would be a bit tougher. Looks nice though.

    3. Thomas Fiesel

      reply to travis It was designed to do so. we’re on an ancient battle field. I chuck my javelin at you you block it with your shield. it doesn’t bend, what do you do? you pick it up and ‘return’ it. now if the point were to bend, you wouldn’t throw it back would you? probably not. so if my side wins the field, we simply go and collect then and straighten them and prepare for the next round.

    4. Robert

      Shaft not sturdy Broke after a couple days. Head bent, not a huge issue, fixed easily. But the shaft snapped near the socket when it hit the ground after a miss. Threw well. Accurate. Only real issue was the wood.

    5. Rick M.

      Great Greek Javelin! Of the two javelins offered by A&A, this one is my personal favorite. It’s not hard to put a sword-sharp edge on this little spear, and doing so does will significantly increase penetration on whatever target you prefer. (wood , especially plywood will cause you to spend a lot of time straightening the head!)
      As has been pointed out by the more knowledgeable users, the javelin was designed for SOFT targets, and WILL bend if it hits wood, hard leather or some such defensive material just as they were made to do.
      This is the real deal and not some Hollywood prop, so enjoy throwing this javelin in he classic style!

    6. peter s.

      Shaft is too light. Nice javelin overall but shaft is too light to seriously throw. Well worth the money though. Got mine a a small spear for gf and she love’s it.

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