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Del Tin

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With over 50 years of experience Del Tin of Italy is one of the great stalwarts of the sword enthusiast community and their replicas have a deserved reputation for excellent and reliable tempering, durable construction, and historical proportions and dimensions. Kult of Athena has been selling Del Tin swords for years and we hear about very few problems about them from customers who have purchased them -–a testament to the reliability of their product line. The blades are crafted from their own Chrome-Vanadium alloy steel and tempered to 50 HRc.

Del tin is led by Fulvio Del Tin who continues the business which was started by his father Silvano. Originally knifemakers in Maniago, Silvano and his brother made historical replicas as a hobby until they showcased their works in an exhibit in Florence. Widespread acclaim of their work led them to transforming the focus of their business entirely towards historical swords and daggers. Del Tin’s accessibility to original museum replicas in Italy allows them to make recreations of original swords in fine detail and their collection has many historical pieces which are not available anywhere else.

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