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11th Century Viking Sword

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The battle-ready version of the 11th Century Viking Sword has a forged blade of EN45 high carbon steel. The crossguard and pommel are mild steel; the grip is wood and tightly bound with a band of spiralled leather. The tang of the sword is securely peened to the pommel.


The sword is paired with a wood-core scabbard wrapped in brown leather and finished with a pair of adjustable, integrated sword hangers of leather with metal buckles.



A sword was unique among weapons in Viking culture; it was the only weapon which did not have a counterpart meant to be used as an everyday tool. The spear could be used to hunt, the axe to chop wood, the seax to cut rope and for farm-hold chores. The sword was different – for the sword existed solely for war and duel.


For this it had a particular reverence in Viking culture and a man who bore one into battle, whether in his hand or at his side marked himself as a successful warrior or nobleman. The great cost to produce and own a sword was not a wise investment for a minor freeman with a farmhold to oversee, but it was a cost gladly borne by the wealthy, or those who knew they would use it. A man with a sword, paired with a fine helmet and perhaps a chainmail byrnie could reasonably be assumed to be a nobleman or the oath-bound warriors of his personal war-retinue, who were well-equipped for battle in exchange for honor-bound service on the battlefield.

Overall Length37 7/8''
Blade Length31 1/16''
Weight3 lb 2.6 oz
Width49.4 mm
Thickness4.8 mm - 4.4 mm
P.O.B.6 1/8''
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for 11th Century Viking Sword

  1. Trenten S.

    Over All Quality I just recently bought this, after receiving it, I noticed that the stitching where the belt straps attach to the sheath was coming undone, however it was a easy fix with some threat and a needle I was able to sew it back together. the sword it self comes with no edge however with a file or belt sander you can put one on your self however it may take some work. It’s a heavy sword about a 1 lb too heavy from my understanding but for the price you can’t complain too much about it.

  2. JOhn

    viking sword looks amazing feels amazing only con is it came a little bent but easy fix, feels really sturdy

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