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14th Century Italian Warhammer

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This 14th Century Italian Warhammer is fitted with a pronged and spiked head of high carbon steel. Long side langets are riveted into place with embellished brass rivets. The haft is of polished and stained wood and is finished with a grip wrap of leather. Unlike many warhammers on the market, this one is not overly heavy and unwieldy – It may not have a huge striking head, but a large hammer-head is not needed to deal decisive blows and a head of this size was plenty capable of defeating a human opponent. Why make the weapon heavier than necessary?

Warhammers such as this were purpose-built weapons intended to puncture, pry open or smash asunder sophisticated plate armor. The pronged hammer head is designed to prevent the head from skipping on curved or fluted surfaces of plate; the quad-prong arrangement grabs onto plate to better impart the full strength of the blow onto its target. The prongs also concentrate the force of the blow onto a small zone to better crush, deform or puncture the armor.

The spike is designed to puncture armor and best used to finish a dazed opponent. The single spike is more likely to skip on the curved or fluted surfaces of plate that are designed to deflect such a weapon. But it is ideal for dealing the decisive coup-de-grace to a battered foe.

Please Note: The color of the wooden haft may vary

Overall Length25''
Weight1 lb 11.7 oz
Width5 1/4''
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for 14th Century Italian Warhammer

  1. GJ

    Nice hammer, for sure I really like this hammer. It’s elegant, yet dangerous. Most war hammers I’ve held in the >2 lb range are just a liiiittle too heavy — so this one is perfect. Don’t be mistaken though, there is more than enough heft to smash anything you have a grudge against. I haven’t hit anything with it, so I can’t attest to its durability. The wood is probably not as dense as I’d like, but the grain runs nice and straight. I have no qualms with the construction, everything is nice and tight. I love the shaped brass tacks that attach the langets. The pick end is not sharp, but I’m fine with that. It would be easy to make it into a point if I wanted. The crowned hammer face is interesting — the edges are almost sharp — kind of like four little blades that I could see easily biting into metal and perhaps punching a nice hole.

    I didn’t give the weapon a perfect score for two reasons. One is the leather wrap feels cheap, like it make come loose with a lot of handling. Not a big deal because it would be easy to fix up. Secondly, because Deepeeka’s items are sometimes hit-or-miss with construction quality (the fitting of the components, etc). Although my hammer is beautiful and very pleasing, I wouldn’t want it to be necessarily assumed that everyone will get a perfect hammer like mine. Is that fair? I’m not sure. But 4/5 stars is a pretty good rating, especially in this price range! Recommended.

  2. Celtic Templar (verified owner)

    Perfect Warhammer, the weapon is light and yet destructive. It’s perfect for anyone looking for the historical look and feel of the Medieval Period, in such I’ve tested the weapon, and it seems to cause the same type of damage as the historical weapons could. In such the weapon has more than just two points of impact for thee weapon, such as the hammer, spike, and even a wooden spike on the bottom of the handle.

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