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Age of Craft – 14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets – 18 to 19 Gauge Steel

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This set of Hourglass Gauntlets from Age of Craft are a pair clamshell style gauntlets with a styling that mimics the appearance of fingered gauntlets whilst retaining the superior protection and durability of clamshell gauntlets. Its plated segments are riveted into form from plates of tempered 18-19 gauge spring steel and they are exceptionally well articulated for optimized armored movement. A suede glove its sewn, riveted and integrated into the gauntlet and features additional padding at the top of the knuckles and hand for shock absorption. The cuff is lined with thick leather for chafe protection for both you and your armor.

Please Note – Sizing in inches / cm is taken by measuring across the palm at its widest point

Gauge [18 - 19 Gauge Tempered Spring Steel]
TypeMitten Gauntlets
Material18 - 19 Gauge Tempered Spring Steel
ManufacturerAge of Craft
Country of OriginUkraine


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