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Lord of Battles – Armor of the Duke of Burgundy

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This full suit of armor is inspired by one worn by Charles the Bold, the last Duke of Burgundy. It is an example of the encompassing and highly protective full plate armors available to well-heeled warriors in the late 15th century.

Although eminently suitable for display, this armor is fully articulated (Many of the pieces are wearable, but others will need some modification in order to be worn). It can be worn by a person who is approximately 5 10 to 6 feet tall. (177 cm – 182 cm) The plates are crafted from 18 gauge high carbon steel.

The armor comes with a wooden display stand that ensures that the suit of armor towers over most people, heightening its appeal as a display armor. A black metal insertable frame holds the armor upright as a display armor. It is well suited as a display armor to someone who wants a more authentic and practical armor than what is often on the market.

An array of leather straps and brass buckles are used to hold the armor together and to attach it onto a person if desired. The armor is crafted with the expectation that someone who is wearing it will wear a padded gambeson beneath, as well as gloves and boots. The close-style helm has an integrated, adjustable leather suspension lining and a leather chin strip with brass buckle for adjustment. The helmet can be opened and closed with the use of a side hook.

Gauge [18 Gauge]
DimensionsArmor: 72'' Tall - With Sand: 80'' Tall
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


1 review for Lord of Battles – Armor of the Duke of Burgundy

  1. Xander RC

    You really get what you pay for. It came slathered in oil and yet was still rusty in some places. The stand is janky and not very solid. The armor is always heavily leaning no matter what I do. I got it primarily just for photos, but that being said it is poorly put together. It has completely solid arm and leg pieces that have these horrible little pins which do not really work. All of the plates are poorly aligned and the armor doesn’t allow for any kind of sitting postures. The vambraces and greaves are too thin and the thighs too thick. It looks kinda neat, but overall isn’t worth the price even for a display piece.

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