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Arms & Armor Danish War Axe

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This favored weapon of the Saxon huscarl saw action throughout northern Europe in the hands of Saxon, Norse, and Norman alike. The long handle and thin blade create a fearsome weapon capable of immense damage to the lightly armored opponents of that time. The sharp high carbon steel blade holds a great edge and is mounted on an ash shaft. This was the type of weapon William the Conqueror faced at the Battle of Hastings (1066) where he defeated the Saxon army.

Arms & Armor Danish Axe Review

3 reviews for Arms & Armor Danish War Axe

  1. Igor

    Fantastic & Historically accurate axe This is a fantastic reproduction. It’s pretty much the only dane axe on the market within historical measurements, both size and weight wise.

    I’m not someone who uses their weapons because I collect them purely out of a passion for history, but I can definitely say it’s sturdily constructed and could stand up to some abuse (watch Skall’s video for more info).

    It handles like a dream, even for me.

    Overall, a fantastic axe, highly recommended.

  2. Darksider

    Great piece for any collector. A fantastic axe, this thing is a beast. I’ve been after a true war axe for months, and this beauty doesn’t disappoint. I’d highly recommend picking one up. Would also like to praise Kult of Athena’s customer service, they were very helpful and attentive. 10/10.

  3. T.F

    Quality The axe is solid. The wooden shaft is excellently shaped and has a pleasant color. The head of the axe is thin, but appears very durable. Clearly a weapon designed for war. It is easy to wield and feels very controllable. A no frills beautiful piece.

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