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Arms & Armor Italian Pole Hammer

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The Arms & Armor Italian Pole Hammer is based on a 16th Century Italian example in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The decorative features of this piece would have been a way of demonstrating your wealth and good taste in the tournament list. One would want to show their ability to afford a nice stylish weapon to all who attended the spectacle of a tournament. The animal head grasping the back spike in its mouth and the fluted features are all decorative elements seen in many of the nicest pieces from this period. The powerful back spike and pronged hammer face would be a challenge for the armor of the opposing knight.

The three-pronged hammer face is integral with the stout fluted top spike and faceted back spike. The stepped langets cover the sides of the hardwood haft and are set with rivets.

Note: As a long hafted wooden handled weapon there will be variations in the straightness of the haft. Wood is a natural material that will vary and adjust shape due to climate conditions and use. Care is taken to mount this piece with solid wood of good quality making the hafts as straight as possible at the time of assembly. Just like the originals though, there will be some variation.

Please Note: The wood haft may be slightly warped. This is normal for this item


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