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Arms & Armor Knightly Pole Axe


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    The Arms & Armor Knightly Pole Axe is based on a 15th Century French original. The pole axe was a favored weapon of the day and saw service with knights of all countries both in tournament and on the battlefield. The English knights at Crecy and Agincourt chose to dismount and fight on foot with poll axe and spear.

    Features a carbon steel head affixed to an ash wood haft.

    Please Note: The wood haft may be slightly warped. This is normal for this item

    1 review for Arms & Armor Knightly Pole Axe

    1. T.F

      Excellent Reproduction from the Wallace Collection Beautiful pole axe. The shaft feels a bit thin for the top heavy axe. I purchased this with purpose of display and don’t intend on using it. I feel as if the shaft may fail (which happened in real battles I assume). The reproduction of this pole arm is awesome and accurate. It is a beautiful piece.

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