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Bec de Faucon Poleaxe – Deepeeka


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Bec de Faucon poleaxe has a head and langets of high carbon steel riveted to a carved and stained wooden haft. The pick and spike are unsharpened. The poleaxe is finished with a butt cap of steel.

    Bec de Faucon (falcons beak) takes its name from the shape of the pick on this poleaxe. The three-pronged hammer is intended to bite into armored surfaces and direct the force of the blow onto three small points which then punch through the armor. The pick can be used to drive powerful, armor-puncturing force into a target and the spike is ideal for finishing a downed opponent with a piercing strike into a gap in an armored harness.

    Poleaxes such as these were popular weapons, particularly among the knights and nobility of the late Medieval period. These weapons are purpose-designed to rend armor and batter a well-armored opponent. A skilled wielder used it in close quarters with techniques that would look familiar to fighting with staves and the quarter-staff. Unlike the simple stave however, the intimidating poleaxe head gave its wielder a variety of options for dispatching the foe.

    Due to its popularity with the wealthier warriors of society, poleaxes were commonly used in duels, trials by combat and were even a featured event at tournament.

    Overall Length48 5/16''
    Weight2 lb 8.5 oz
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

    2 reviews for Bec de Faucon Poleaxe – Deepeeka

    1. Greg E.

      Bec de Faucon Poleaxe by Deepeka The first thing that strikes you about this weapon is it’s size. It seems small in just about every way. It is almost like a 2/3 to 3/4 sized scaled down replica. Very light and a bit short as well. Besides the tips of the hammer, beak and spear being blunted, like after being hit on a really hard surface, it appears to be of decent construction. It comes off as being a toy or a trainer for a 10 year old.

    2. snoweye85 (verified owner)

      finish work was OKAY.
      the size, weight is perfect for horseback demonstrations. I was studying its length and cross-referencing to 1390s French knighthood.
      i came across the dimensions demands of a certain knight. The size of this polehammer/warhammer is accurate. He wanted it to be no taller than his armpit at standing height. He was able to use it on both horseback and on foot. I plan to add acid etchings and heat-transferring brasswire to different areas to make it a bit more knightly. This is very light and DEVASTING weapon. (RIP pumpkins)
      good for price. cons? the finish work was rough, the clawfoot on the hammer end was not even and is cut using angle grinder. I finished off using rod files and multiple sized wood dowels and sandpaper. it now look much neater and presentable. the top spike tip was accidently blunted (dropped?) i sharpened it into prickly sharp. the falcon beak now has razor sharp top and bottom. with sharp drop point. the wood finish on the heft is passable however i added extra layer of linseed oil. it looks darker now. Good buy. this is a good DIY TLC weapon, cricut patterning transfering and acid etching project as well. go for it

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