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Bone Grip Seax – Deepeeka


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Seax has a blade of high carbon steel; the grip and guard are carved from bone. The guard is surmounted by steel guard plates and the pommel is crafted from steel.

    The companion sheath for this seax is of stitched leather with integrated belt loops.

    Overall Length15 1/2''
    Blade Length9 11/16''
    Weight1 lb 0.7 oz
    Width33.2 mm
    Thickness4.4 mm - 3.6 mm
    P.O.B.4 3/8''
    Grip Length4 3/8''
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

    3 reviews for Bone Grip Seax – Deepeeka

    1. Kilo M.

      the good, the bad, and the ugly Nice feel in hand. Readily took an edge. Severs up to 3/4 in dia. green branch easily with a flick of the wrist. After a short time, a split developed in the handle which was not unexpected given that it’s bone. Sheath is trash, the ill-spaced belt loops ripping off within hours. Overall a handsome and functional sax, but you must be willing to replace the sheath and do some handle repair if you truly want to make the most use of it’s potential.

    2. Ben A.

      Battle Ready For Who?!? I am a viking reactor and while the blade is functional the handle most certainly is not. The handle broke on the first strike which was no shock as it was just a piece of bone glued in place… Battle ready?! Seriously?!

      This will look nice on your wall… If you plan on using it in any form you will have to re-haft this.

    3. Don Beary

      The fit of the handle to the blade leaves something to be desired , to the point I got new stainless plates and rivets to remake the ones supplied with it , also making a new sheath for it as well .. all to better match one seen worn by Bjorn Ironside … the blade itself is wonderful, and very sharp if you get the sharpened blade option

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