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Lord of Battles – Braided Leather Sling

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This sling is made entirely from braided natural leather cord; the woven leather sling pocket is built for hurling large stones or clay ball projectiles. Ammunition for this sling is not included. You can use carefully chosen stones with this sling and rounded river stones are the preferred type. You can also make your own from clay and though this may be more effort than simply finding stones, you can achieve greater uniformity in the size and weight of your projectiles by making them from clay.

A humble weapon associated with poor shepherds, the sling is far deadlier than it appears when placed into capable hands. Ancient writers often regale the reader with anecdotes of slingers flinging projectiles at ranges beyond even arrow fire and shot hitting with enough force to wound even well-armored soldiers.

Stone and clay sling shot used for war could be quite large in size to ensure they struck home with great force and the largest shot could be used to defend the walls of a town or citadel when shorter ranges and a height advantage could be afforded to defenders. Ammunition for slings was easily found or made and great stores could be made ready for defenders of a fortification. Tens of thousands of sling bullets have been found at the iron age fort of Maiden Castle and it is recorded that when the Romans besieged the Jewish citadel of Masada that they were constantly showered with sling shot from the defenders.

The greatest slingers of the ancient world hailed from the Balearic Islands and is recorded by Roman writer Vegetius that Balearic mothers would not permit their children to eat until they could strike their bread at distance with their sling.

Overall Length60''
DimensionsLength of Sling Pocket: 3'' Approx. Circumference of Sling Pocket: 5 1/2''
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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