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Celtic Bronze Sword – 27” Blade

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This Celtic Sword has a blade cast from bronze. It is secured to cast bronze hilt with three bronze rivets in the guard.

Steel is certainly a superior metal for a bladed weapon, but bronze has a few enviable properties. For one, bronze will usually bend instead of breaking – historically many bronze weapons lasted so long that that the act of re-sharpening them over time altered their entire shape – some swords even became acutely pointed daggers due to repeated sharpenings.

Also – a cast bronze weapon has a much more durable hilt than later steel weapons – the hilt can be cast from a single solid piece, making a loosening of hilt fittings impossible. Bronze is also far less prone to corrosion – the archaeological record is full of well-preserved bronze age weapons – their successor generations of iron weapons are far more scarce and far less well preserved.

Overall Length32 1/4''
Blade Length26 3/4''
Weight4 lb 2.1 oz
Width33.8 mm - 62.8 mm
Thickness5.8 mm - 5.3 mm
P.O.B.6 7/8''
Grip Length3 3/4''
Blade [Bronze]
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Celtic Bronze Sword – 27” Blade

  1. Ian D.

    Spectacular Bronze Sword This sword is an excellent copy of some historic celtic bronze swords that have been discovered. It is a sturdy blade that is finely polished. When looking at it in the light you can see waves, as though it were hammer-hardened before being polished, which is a nice extra mile, considering its very affordable price. The blade has a good balance, though when held properly at the grip feels very top heavy. This specific model is very heavy, and when swinging, both feels and moves more like a claymore than a 1-handed sword. I intend to begin regular forearm exercises in order to make it easier to handle. The sword’s blade is blunt, as in a flat edge at least 3mm thick where an edge would be. You will need to grind an edge, then add a bevel and sharpen it manually, if you intend to use this sword for anything other than mounting it on a wall. The grip is comfortable, and judging from the leftover space would suit hands of varying sizes, granted I typically wear small or medium sized gloves, depending on manufacture. I’m not sure what the exact composition of the alloy is, but historically speaking, tin-bronze alloy was 10% tin to 90% copper. Since it appears that the swordsmith went through the trouble to hammer-harden and polish the blade, I’m going to say the alloy is correct as well, or at least extremely close. If you are a history buff, interested in the Celts for ethnic or cultural reasons, or just really enjoy the bronze age in general, and its various cultures, this is a wonderful piece to add to your collection. I had always wanted a Celtic bronze sword; it was something that, among the other pieces in my collection, I fekt brought me a little closer to my ancestors. All in all, this heavy chunk of bronze is one of the most beautiful swords that I have ever seen. I dare say that all of the bronze swords offered are works of art.

  2. Lynn Nymeyer (verified owner)

    Beautiful, just beautiful! I added sharpening on mine and it is a perfect job! Currently the Showpiece in my collection. I am completely happy with this purchase!

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