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Celtic Montefortino Helm – Brass

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This Celtic Helm is constructed of 18 gauge brass. Its cheekplates have been intentionally textured to give them a rough-forged appearance. The helm is extensively adorned with Celtic symbols that have been riveted to the helm.

The interior of the helm is fitted with an adjustable suspension liner of leather. The cheekplates have been given a layer of leather on the inside. They are fitted with two brass rings that can be used to anchor a leather cord chinstrap. A thin cord of brown leather is included and can be tied to the helmet as a chin strap.

This Celtic helm with its conical skull, cheekplates and visor looks similar to styles worn by the Gauls and other tribes of Celts who clashed with Rome in antiquity. The designs of Gaulish helms were to be copied by the Romans and were an inspiration for several types of helmets that would be worn by the Legionaries of Rome.

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