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Churburg Armor Breastplate – XIV Century Armor – 16 Gauge

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This Churburg Armor breastplate is crafted from riveted plates of 16 gauge steel fitted with decorative bands of brass. The plates are fitted to internal panels of riveted leather which allow these segments of steel to be articulated. This chest armor is fitted to the back with an adjustable buckle and strap and a pair of shoulder straps with corresponding, adjustable steel buckles. The interior of the armor is blackened. It is fitted with a hinged lance-rest on the front of the armor.

The Churburg #13 is a plate and mail armor now kept within Castle Churburg in Italy. This armor was crafted in Milan in the last half of the 14th Century. It is deemed a transitional type of armor – namely a largely mail armor with some plate added on. It heralds the trend of medieval warriors adding more and more plate until their armors were mostly steel plate – at least this is the case for those who could afford it.  The Churburg is a well known example of this type because of its eye-catching embellishments that have made it widely studied and displayed.

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