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Comte de Nieuwekerke Sword – Late 14th Century Arming Sword – Deepeeka


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This sword is a recreation of one of the more finely preserved examples of a knightly arming sword from the last half of the 14th century and it was surely a masterfully crafted weapon in its time and an everyday companion to a professional warrior. The original sword is now part of the Wallace Collection, and is a classic example of a type XV sword; it is equally likely to have been an English or a French sword and could very well have participated in the Hundred Years War.

    The reproduction from Deepeeka captures the acutely tapered blade of this sword and its diamond cross-section which stiffens the blade for thrusting. Though from an age when swords were increasingly more optimized for thrusting, the sword retains enough width to cut decisively. This tapered form also serves to shift the balance of blade mass toward the base of the blade which aids greatly in making the sword agile, maneuverable and quick to point and strike.

    The crossguard and pommel are fashioned from steel and the blade is solidly mounted into the hilt with a robust peen over the peen block of the pommel. The grip is wood with a tightly-stitched overlay of leather with prominent risers beneath to give a sure and confident grip. The sword is paired with a wooden scabbard which is wrapped in fitted vegetable-tanned leather of good quality.

    Overall Length36 5/8"
    Blade Length29 5/8"
    Weight2 lb 7 oz
    Width57 mm
    Thickness4 mm - 3 mm
    P.O.B.3 3/16"
    Grip Length4"
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

    3 reviews for Comte de Nieuwekerke Sword – Late 14th Century Arming Sword – Deepeeka

    1. nancolaskenneth (verified owner)

      The balance of this sword is very good, about 3 1/2 inches from the guard. The grip fits my hand perfectly , leather work of the scabbard and handle are well done , slight miss alignment of the sewing seams ,but very acceptable. and a different color of leather ,that I really like . The fit in the scabbard is snug , but not tight . Fit and finish , overall are very good . Handling feels similiar to some of my lighter rapiers. I like this sword .

    2. ray d blundell

      just got the deepeeka-comte de niteuwekerke sword late 14th century arming sword.frist off the reason I gave it four stars is th grind marks on both sides of the pomel,and the pitting on the guard,also there is a gap between the pomal and the top of the peened part.I bought a blem balaur arma byakko katana and it was perfect,also bought a musha-seadragon katana from kult of athena only rust issues I have with with rust is with windless and musha swords.That beening said the deepeeka arming sword I just received today is one of my favorites.mine weighs 2.6&1/2 pounds I have brought other deepeeka swords from kult of athena and I really like the en45 steel !.kult of athena did a really god job on the sharping on this sword which is a challenge due to how much the blade narrows towards the tip.I ordered mine on the 26th and received it to day the 10th ,fedx changed the delivery one day.this sword is or was very hard to find so I was glad to see it at kult of athena,they have a great supply,do a great job on sharping serviceand they are trustworthy.this deepeeka comte de nieuwekerke late 14th century arming sword is one of my favorites now.kult of athena is one of the best places to pick up a sword you want.If you like this style of medeivel sword I would highly recomend this sword.haven’t cut with it yet do to just got got it,but it cuts geo.add papper very well which is hard to cut if the blade isn’t sharp.I will say this this kult of athena is not only one of the places to get a good but now I think probably the best place to get the sword you want.rember only cut water bottles ,mats and bamboo,safe cutting Ray Blundell

    3. MLemos (verified owner)

      This sword is perfect for what you pay for! It’s on the money for what is described in the description. The balance and weight are exactly what you want for excellent handling! But the price, and this being Deepeeka does mean that there will be aesthetic problems and one probably really bad problem. This does rattle when you hit it, so far there is no movement in the construction and so far I think it’s only because of a small gap between the blade and the guard but so far the peen has held everything so that it’s very solid. The pommel is offline from the guard and blade so it is not in line and flat but it’s not super noticeable from afar. The scabbard has a felt ring for where the blade goes into that is loose but was easy to set in pace and fix with crazy glue. The rest of the scabbard is actually really nice although in the picture it is made clear that there is no bottom metal plate that supports the bottom from scuffs, but that was to be expected. The sharpening service was good but they did stop unevenly an inch and a half from the guard, which ironically made it so you can put your finger over the guard for better control.Otherwise this feels excellent to hold and swing around and that balance makes it all so with it feeling extremely light because of it! Would recommend as a beginner sword but just acknowledge that because of the price there will be some flaws mostly in the aesthetic categories.

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