These drinking tumblers are made from a section of cow horn, plugged and sealed into the bottom with a wooden plate. The bottom of the tumbler is coated with a sealant. Its interior is polished, though not to as high a degree as the exterior.

Being an organic item, these tumblers come in a wide variety of color tones – from all black, to mottled mixes of black, brown and ivory. They are between 5 to 6 tall. Actual internal volume varies due to natural differences in horn sizes. A photo below shows a range of possibilities. These are intended to be further sealed with bees wax to provide a better seal. If untreated they may leak.

Please Note: Though a photo shows several tumblers below, it is for demonstration only – They are sold individually. We cannot take requests for specific colors or internal tumbler volume. Yours will be picked at random from an assortment.