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Lord of Battles – Crusader Knight Mini Great Helm


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    The great helm was popular in the early Medieval period, and examples such as this used its broad face to adorn it with a cruciform to boldy declare to divine inspiration of the warrior within. Great helms were worn over much padding or even an inner skullcap helmet. The broad face not only defends against ememy blades and arrows, but also against the splinters of the knights lance as he charged it home into the foe at a gallop. It was a simple, common and effective helm for the knights and Templars in the Holy Lands.

    This miniaturized Great Helm is made of carbon steel, just like the full-scale originals and has a brass cruciform plate riveted to the face. The interior has been blackened. Perfect for adorning a desk with the visage of the Templars or armoring a knightly lawn gnome against rabbit raids. This helm comes with its own wooden display stand.


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