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Lord of Battles – Chainmail Half-Sleeve Haubergeon – Alternating Dome Riveted Flat Rings

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This half-sleeve haubergeon is constructed from dome riveted flat rings of mild steel; these rings alternate with solid flat rings. This construction technique reduces the amount of riveting needed to create a coat of mail and thus it substantially lowers its cost without sacrificing strength or durability. The rings measure 9 mm in diameter and 17 gauge in thickness.

Probably the most widespread type of armor in both geography and time, the ubiquitous presence of chainmail in much of the history of warfare is due to its relative ease of construction and its good degree of protection and flexibility. The steel rings are exceedingly difficult to cut into, and provide a good degree of protection against piercing attacks, but purpose-built spears, arrowheads and sword tips with sharply tapered geometry can reliably split apart links to penetrate mail.

Gauge [17 Gauge]
TypeMail Haubergeon
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

5 reviews for Lord of Battles – Chainmail Half-Sleeve Haubergeon – Alternating Dome Riveted Flat Rings

  1. Minokawa

    Great stuff for Belegarth / Dagorhir! Something that always bugged me about butted mail was that the armpit sections would burst open if you used a wide range of shots when sword-fighting. Riveted mail stays in one piece, and it lets me stand out a bit more in a crowd.

    “out of the box” (It came in saran wrap) it was missing 3 rings, and a 4th was missing a rivet. That being said, 4 odd-balls out of a few thousand rings is still pretty good, especially for under 300 dollars.

    Kult of Athena has a longstanding good record with me, and I look forward to getting more in the future!

  2. Aaron

    Great quality/price. This is a good quality piece for the price. Be mindful that it will require a lot of initial cleaning as it come covered in a pretty nasty oil.

  3. Erik V.

    Good Value, holds up well I’ve been using this piece for about 3 years now, because of the blackening it’s just starting to show rust. The finish does help

    I recommend buying a size bigger then you think you need just to make it easier to get on and off. Also helps if you need some extra length. I’m 6’5″ and the large came about 4″ past my waist but was a little shorter then I liked.

    The dome rivets also catch on the other rings, so it tends to bunch up making it difficult to get on and off by myself. I need help about a third of the time.

    Overall happy with it.

  4. Connor (verified owner)

    Excellent for an off-the-shelf maille shirt. A few loose rivets fell out at first, but never any more. The sleeves are too baggy, but that is expected from a pre-made shirt. This makes for a great project to tailor and lengthen the sleeves with maille rings of my own making.

  5. Skiranger (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this item. Very well constructed with no ring loss so far. Fits right, not that hard to get on and off.

    Quite heavy, will be a challenge to wear for a whole weekend.

    I went kind of nuts here at Kult of Athena and spent close to $2000 in a short time, buying items for modification and LARP.

    Im a mostly satisfied customer, and will be reviewing the items I have purchased.

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