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Dark Drake Complete Armour Package – Medium


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    This Complete Dark Drake Armour set includes Epic Armourys Dark Drake, Breastplate, Shoulderplates, Upper Legs, Arm Protection, Leg Protection, and Dark Warrior Backplate in order to fully gear your costume needs at a lower cost. Each armour piece is made from galvanized 19 gauge mild steel with rolled edges and top-grain leather straps and fittings, and is treated with Epic Armourys Epic Dark Metal coat to give the armour a rugged, antique finish. Built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment while keeping the user safe and comfortable, regular leather and metal armour care will make this armour set last for a long time!

    Breastplate: A finely sculpted piece of armour that protects the front of the torso, chest and abdomen. Sculpted to fit the body and add structural strength to the steel, this galvanized steel piece has been decorated to mimic reptilian scales. The plate rests at the hips and has a V-shaped flange–or sword turner–that deflects blows from the weak spot where torso and leg armour fit together.

    Shoulderplates: A set of two shoulder guards with spaulders, pauldrons and besagues. The spaulders have four scale-like ridged metal plates–or lames–overlaying one another to provide laminate protection of the upper arms. Overlaying the spaulder is a large pauldron, which provides additional protection to the shoulder joint and armpits. Besauges (small round convex metal shields) tied onto the spaulders with leather cords add further protection to the armpits. The shoulderplates are fastened with leather straps around the biceps and at the shoulder blade, attaching to a breast- and backplate.

    Upper Legs: Tassets designed to protect the thigh and groin. The style is late medieval with rolled edged metal plates overlapping each other. Two sets of steel plates hang from the hips to cover the outer thighs. A third set of slimmer plates cover the groin area and provide some protection to the inner thighs. The set comes with a leather belt with suspenders to keep the piece in place.

    Arm Protection: A set of steel vambraces designed to protect the forearms in combat. Rounded at the edges and decorated with scale-like ridges, these vambraces are designed to sit comfortably over the forearm, reaching from the elbow and narrowing at the wrists. Secure this armour with a top-grain leather strap below the elbow and another above the wrist.

    Leg Protection: A set of metal demi-greaves shaped to protect the shins. Rounded at the edges and decorated with scale-like ridges, these demi-greaves are designed to sit comfortably over the shins while leaving room for poleyns to cover the kneecaps. They reach from below the knee and narrow around the ankles, secured with a top-grain leather straps below the knee and another above the ankles.

    Dark Warrior Backplate: A low-fantasy piece of armour that matches any Epic Armoury Breastplate, protecting the back and spine. Sculpted to fit the body and add structural strength to the steel. At the lower rim, the plate has a small flange to deflect blows away from the lower part of the body

    Breastplate: Chest 25” (When paired with a backplate it is adjustable for 46” to 53” chests).
    Length: 24” from shoulder to hip.

    Backplate: Chest 21” (When paired with a compatible breastplate it is adjustable for 46” to 53” chests).
    Length: 18” from shoulder to hip.

    Arm Vambraces: Wrist -6”, Forearm – 8”, Length – 9”

    Leg Greaves: Ankle 7”, Calf – 9”, Length – 12”

    Tassets: Adjustable to 32 to 40” Waist

    Gauge [19 Gauge]
    MaterialMild Steel
    ManufacturerEpic Armoury
    Country of OriginIndia


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