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Deepeeka – Ancient Aegean Naue II Sword with Bronze Hilt

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A truly ancient sword, the Naue II type swords were first created and used for ancient warfare almost 3,500 years ago around 1450 BC. Originally made entirely of bronze, these robust and long-bladed (for the time) swords which feature a hilt of organic material being riveted and pinned directly to the blade tang were in use for over 700 years and they bridged the gap between the bronze and iron ages with later designs having sword blades crafted from iron. These swords could be seen everywhere from northern Italy to the far ends of the Mediterranean and were most prominent around the Aegean.

This reproduction of an ancient Naue II sword has a blade of tempered, modern steel for durability and reliability. Its hilt is formed from bronze which is riveted directly to the thick blade tang for a very sturdy overall construction. Included with the sword is a tough leather sheath with hand-embossed and tooled design and antiqued hanging rings that allow for it to be worn vertically or at an angle with a baldric set up (sword belt not included).

Overall Length25 1/4"
Blade Length18 7/8"
Weight2 lbs 4 oz
Width61 mm - 41 mm - 49 mm
Thickness4.5 mm - 4 mm
PommelIntegrated and Threaded
Grip Length4 1/2"
Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginIndia



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