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Full Tang Egyptian Black Khopesh – Deepeeka


Battle Ready
Battle Ready

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    This reproduction of the iconic and deeply curved sickle-sword of Ancient Egypt has dimensions that align much more closely with historic originals than many other production pieces and is an updated version of an older model from Deepeeka. Many originals had blades of bronze or iron, but Deepeeka has taken advantage of modern metallurgy to give it a blade of C60 high carbon steel – a resilient and tough steel with properties very similar to 1060 high carbon steel. The deep curve of the blade hits hard and bites deeply into a target and the blade was embellished on both sides with a twin-headed snake of brass.

    This Egyptian sword has a full tang blade construction to give it the most durable possible construction possible; two halves of polished and blackened wood are durably triple brass riveted to the thick blade tang to fashion the hilt. Included with the sword is a thick and well-stitched sheath of genuine leather with antiqued brass peg retaining straps. A shoulder baldric for wear is sturdily stitched to the sheath.

    Overall Length24 7/8"
    Blade Length18 3/8"
    Weight1 lb 14 oz
    Width35 mm - 47 mm - 35 mm - 41 mm
    Thickness3.7 mm - 3.1 mm
    P.O.B.5 1/4"
    Grip Length4 1/4"
    Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
    Country of OriginIndia


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